Kalispell Rental and Whitefish Rental converge right here. We're a locally positioned Short-Term and Long-Term Property Management solution serving the entire Flathead Valley. Property Inspection and Vacant Property Management are available. Looking for an RV Campsite? We have several great locations and an RV Renting affiliation.

In simple terms we’re a hands-on company. That means a veteran property manager will be directly involved with all elements, from start to finish, of your rental property. This is what distinguishes us and sets us apart from the crowd. Who could possibly care more than someone who has vested interest in the company managing your property. This way we can guarantee high-levels of dedication, attention-to-detail and follow-through for each of our clients. Personal contact, property accessibility with sound planning, and a willingness to do what is needed to exceed each of our clients requirements sets the structure for how we do business. Subsequently, client quantities are limited all in an effort to provide the kind of premium service each of our clients deserve, whether it be a luxury rental or a single space studio apartment in a rural region. Quality over Quantity is not a platitude it’s just how we do business here in Montana.

Premium Services does not necessarily mean premium pricing. Please call for special pricing options, references available upon request.

David Ravo

406 333-1762
Montana Property Management License # RRE-RPM-LIC-111211

As a Licensed Property Manger in Montana I manage all maintenance and tenant matters, income applications, capital improvements and emergency issues. You may already know this but, a simple emergency can quickly become substantial if not addressed promptly. Frequent visits to client properties are commonplace, onboard with me is Master Electrician Jason Miller who is guaranteed to promptly respond to a variety of issues in any weather condition. A General Craftsman and Plumber are contracted to provide prompt response as well. This is all in an effort to mitigate inclement conditions where services needed are frequently delayed.

My Property Management expertise goes back over 15 years in two different states, with responsibilities in both Residential and Mixed Use Office Building properties. My business history includes owning and managing the very first Transit Bus Stops with Advertising (similar to what is in Kalispell) which were located on public property, governed by State, Coastal Commission and Transit Authorities.

I’ve made Lower Valley my home now for several years. I got a front row seat to watch Kalispell become the Fastest- Growing Micropolitan area in the United States. Kalispell has also benefited from the immense popularity of Whitefish. That honor comes with a mixed bag of positive and negative attributes. One of which is detecting unscrupulous people, as it relates to rental properties, and removing them from any negotiations.

While Whitefish has been effected the same way, there are additional nuances that differentiate Whitefish from the rest of the Flathead Valley. One of which is Whitefish Mountain Ski Resort and a most stunning pictureseque Whitefish Lake, both of which have exponentially grown in popularity as a destination for both winter and summer. Arguably the best travel destination for summer and winter in the United States, as quoted by numerous vloggers around the globe. Again, priority one is detecting and removing unethical individuals from any rental negotiations.

In an effort to make owning a rental property an enjoyable experience, as your Property Manager I pledge to draw no distinctions between how I manage my own assets and how I will manage yours. Let me clarify, I look at most every area of my properties incredibly frequently. If something is needed it’s done immediately. Your property will be treated the exact same way. All efforts are focused on freeing up owners time, generating revenue, saving money and protecting a valuable asset.

Here’s how we added horsepower to our company. Martha Artyomenko, a veteran Property Manager, one who has more actual Property Management experience in the Flathead Valley than many other property managers. She has been integral in the acceleration of my Property Management acumen here in the Flathead Valley. She probably won’t tell you, but she could be found at anytime, even on a cold late evening, addressing an urgent matter for a tenant or short-term renter in Kalispell or checking in on the needs of a short-term renter in Whitefish on a very snowy evening. That’s Martha and that’s the other person that could be responsible for all elements of your short-term or long-term rental.

Martha Artyomenko.

406 291-0594
Montana Property Management License # RRE-RPM-LIC-45627.

I’m a veteran Property Manager in the Flathead Valley and the sole owner/proprietor of Artyomenko Reliable Rentals LLC, and exclusively assist David Ravo with Kalispell and Whitefish Rental. David maintains the same amount of Property Management passion as I do. I hold a business license and Property Manager license in the state of Montana.

I maintain continuing education according to the laws of the state of Montana, and follow the laws laid out by the RESIDENTIAL LANDLORD AND TENANT ACTS of the state of Montana as well, to the absolute best of my ability.

I am a single mother of 4 sons, whom are all grown. I am a writer, labor doula and aspiring author, but property management is my livelihood.

I work hard to be kind in an industry where often that is forgotten, knowing that there are many desperate people. I am an intended small company, that seeks to offer personal service, heart and professionalism in a time when it is in short supply. In return, I hope my customers offer me the same courtesy.

I work very hard to keep this business as one that the Flathead Valley can be proud of, but in the end, I am running a local small business in the Flathead County. Please keep my smiling face in mind when responding to advertisements, messages or emails.

RV Campsite - Columbia Falls, looking towards Swan Mountains. Close to Starbucks and Hwy 2 to Glacier Park. Electric, Water and Septic.
Columbia Falls - New Home with a Farmhouse aesthetic
Columbia Falls - New Farmhouse Kitchen
Kalispell Townhouse #2
Kalispell Townhouse #2 - Kitchen
Kalispell Townhouse #1 - Living Room
IN-HOUSE - Emergency Snowplow

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